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Echo’s Journal Entry #10


Journal Entry #10
I became an orphan, at least that’s what Gregory and Sarah said when they finally unmasked me. We stopped several times throughout the hurried journey and Gregory would lower me from my slumped position over his shoulder. Neither spoke or pulled the burlap sack from my head though. Their heavy breaths mingled before violent screams broke the silence and I was hoisted up again.
Light eventually filtered through the woven material covering my face. Gregory placed me onto a bed of dampened leaves. The vines were cut, freeing my limbs. My numb hands pushed at leaves as I scurried on my knees to get away from them. A strong hand grasped my ankle and pulled me back to my starting place.
“Don’t make me tie you up again. That was most unpleasant,” Gregory said.
Shivers coursed through my body.
“Unpleasant for me,” I replied.
“For me as well,” he said.
As if I wasn’t confused enough!
Sarah gently stroked my hand and I jerked away from her. The realization that I’d been kidnapped set in hours ago. I was in escape mode at this point. Ways to get away swirled through my brain, each one quickly dismissed. They were faster than me, stronger than me, and there were more of them. I had to wait for my father and his coterie. But they weren’t coming.
“I understand you may not trust me right now, but I have to tell you something,” Sarah said.
I curled up into a ball to distance myself from her as best I could.
“There is no easy way to say this, and this was never our intention. The times we stopped along this journey was so that our group could protect themselves. Rowan and your coterie followed us and were prepared to do anything to get you back. Despite everything you said about your father, he truly loved you,” she said.
My eyes darted to her.
“What do you mean, loved?” I asked.
“I’m sorry, but your father and his coterie didn’t survive. They are all dead.”
My breaths quickened as moisture filled my eyes. There wasn’t anyone coming for me. I couldn’t escape from Sarah and her coterie. This was my new home and there was no one I could trust.
Those year I was forced to be part of their group were difficult, but I eventually adapted. Each place we traveled to, I found a special place that became my own sanctuary. These private spots kept me focused and helped me survive until the time was right to get my revenge.

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Echo’s Journal Entry #9


If this is your first time reading Echo’s Journal, please go back to previous posts so you understand the story.

Journal Entry #9
The pain of that past is so great. I’ve never talked about that night and I’m not ready to write it down yet either. I know I must, it’s part of the assignment. But for now, I want to focus on him. He’s what I gave it all up for, why I’m here now. This was the song I sang to him each time I visited that horrible place. I’m not sorry for what I’ve done. I’d do it again.

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Echo’s Journal Entry #8


If this is your first time reading Echo’s Journal, please go back and read the previous entries so the story will make sense. Thank you for stopping by and reading.Journal

Entry #8
Sarah and Drake stood on one side of the fire, their coterie gathered behind them. Rowan and Aaron were across from them with my coterie flanking their sides. My father’s group were loyal and strong. They would stop anyone before they got near Rowan.
I stood alone between the two groups. Rage filled everyone’s glares as rigid bodies tensed for battle. Heavy breaths and growls broke through the dark silence before Sarah spoke. She looked at me, but made no attempt to come closer.
“It’s true, I haven’t been completely honest with you, but not for the reasons I’m sure your father will point out. I’m the leader of my coterie, not Drake. We knew your group wouldn’t accept a female leader. Amalgamation was necessary for survival. I did what was necessary.”
Women leaders were verboten at the time. Of course, I’m speaking of a different era. Females didn’t take on these roles then.
My mind raced with questions that wouldn’t be answered that day. How did she become leader? Why didn’t she at least tell me, her friend? What else was she hiding? Unfortunately, I was about to get a sneak peek at the last.
“Why don’t you explain the rest?” Rowan said.
Sarah’s attention turned to him.
“The rest began with you. It was not part of the original plan.”
Rowan’s evil smirk sent shivers through me.
“You fear her reaction, as you should. But your concern should truly be focused on others’ reactions,” he says motioning to those at his sides.
Sarah nodded to Drake. He turned and guided someone from behind him. The climbing flames of the fire illuminated Gregory’s face. Aaron growled and clenched his hands.
“Did you do what my father said? Did you initiate his transmutation?” I asked.
Her shoulders slumped and I knew. She didn’t have to speak the words, it was obvious she’d done it. After all the times she preached about not killing or changing anyone, why would she do this? I asked as much when I found my voice again.
“It was the only way to right a wrong, the only way your training could be initialized,” she answered.
Riddles never amused me. Give me the facts, straight and true. Talking in circles indicated secrets and lies. I’ve reached my limit of those.
I should have made an exception this time. My imagination could never have crafted a truth of this magnitude. Yes, this was the moment my world as I knew it crumbled. When I closed my eyes, her voice spouting the syllables was all I heard.
“It had to be someone connected to you. Gregory was the only way. He’s the man your mother loved.”


Thank you for reading this entry of Echo’s Journal. Comments and ideas are always welcome. Where do you see the story going?

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Echo’s Journal Entry #7

If this is your first time reading Echo’s Journal, please go back and read previous entries so you’ll understand the story. Thank you for stopping by and reading.



Journal Entry #7

Fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, and sadness spun inside me as if being mixed by a blender on high speed. I couldn’t distinguish one emotion from the other. Crying wouldn’t help my situation. Stomping my feet would be useless. Kicking some ass might make me feel better, but who am I kidding? That wasn’t my style.

When I learned the truth, my world not only crumbled, it was stomped upon by the people I thought cared about me. That was the biggest joke of the situation. No one was concerned with my well-being. Maybe if my mother lived, she would have cared. I’ll never know.

I’ll remember that day for eternity. I knew that’s how long I’d truly be alone without anyone I could trust. To this day, I question how I could have missed the signs. False words believed as truths, seemingly innocent actions with a hidden agenda, and ignored instincts contributed to the direction my life would take. Of course, it was out of my control.

When I heard the arguing, I should have walked away. But I recognized the female voice and she might have needed me. Rowan’s anger was felt throughout the camp as the two coteries gathered. A red haze created by the setting sun surrounded us.

Gregory, Sarah, and I had returned from camp a short while ago. I’d learned so much from my time with them, one of the most important was controlling my feelings toward Gregory. It became increasingly easier to be around him without a constant swirl of mixed emotions.

I always came back first. They took a different route that was longer. We thought we covered our tracks well. But my father must have discovered that I’d been spending time with them. As the argument continued, I quickly learned there was much more to it.

“You’re worse than a liar, you’re a traitor to our kind,” my father bellowed. “What you’ve done is sedition. Do you know what the consequences of your actions are?”

She laughed. Whoa, not good! Sarah is brave, cunning, and strong. But to laugh in my father’s face when he was that angry was suicide. It wasn’t the first time I feared for my friend, but I surely thought it was going to be the last.

“You’ve broken too many rules. Her mere existence and how your coterie has responded to your actions is sedition. Not to mention your lack of educating a new member of your coterie. We’ve been collecting evidence. We have grounds to depose you.”

Their words didn’t make sense. Our settlement was tense since Gregory joined us, but our groups still worked together. This was part of my problem. I chose to see good where there was nothing but deception.

My father informed Sarah he’d been collecting evidence as well.

“You were the one who changed Gregory. You knew what would happen when you took Echo out that night. It was all part of your plan,” he said.

“I suppose you have proof of these accusations,” Sarah countered.

Drake stood silent besides Sarah. One thing I was taught was that only the leader of a coterie should question the doyen. This was another rule she broke. Maybe she was guilty of what my father was saying.

“You’re not as clever as you think,” Rowan said. “I’ve known who you are since you’ve arrived and infiltrated our camp. We let you think we were joined. I like to keep my enemies very close.”

My father’s dark eyes met mine.

“I guess we shouldn’t keep it from my daughter any longer. Would you like to tell her who you are or should I?”



 I would love any comments or suggestions for the story if you’d like to contribute your ideas. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll continue to follow Echo’s journey. 




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