Echo’s Journal Entry #8

19 Nov


If this is your first time reading Echo’s Journal, please go back and read the previous entries so the story will make sense. Thank you for stopping by and reading.Journal

Entry #8
Sarah and Drake stood on one side of the fire, their coterie gathered behind them. Rowan and Aaron were across from them with my coterie flanking their sides. My father’s group were loyal and strong. They would stop anyone before they got near Rowan.
I stood alone between the two groups. Rage filled everyone’s glares as rigid bodies tensed for battle. Heavy breaths and growls broke through the dark silence before Sarah spoke. She looked at me, but made no attempt to come closer.
“It’s true, I haven’t been completely honest with you, but not for the reasons I’m sure your father will point out. I’m the leader of my coterie, not Drake. We knew your group wouldn’t accept a female leader. Amalgamation was necessary for survival. I did what was necessary.”
Women leaders were verboten at the time. Of course, I’m speaking of a different era. Females didn’t take on these roles then.
My mind raced with questions that wouldn’t be answered that day. How did she become leader? Why didn’t she at least tell me, her friend? What else was she hiding? Unfortunately, I was about to get a sneak peek at the last.
“Why don’t you explain the rest?” Rowan said.
Sarah’s attention turned to him.
“The rest began with you. It was not part of the original plan.”
Rowan’s evil smirk sent shivers through me.
“You fear her reaction, as you should. But your concern should truly be focused on others’ reactions,” he says motioning to those at his sides.
Sarah nodded to Drake. He turned and guided someone from behind him. The climbing flames of the fire illuminated Gregory’s face. Aaron growled and clenched his hands.
“Did you do what my father said? Did you initiate his transmutation?” I asked.
Her shoulders slumped and I knew. She didn’t have to speak the words, it was obvious she’d done it. After all the times she preached about not killing or changing anyone, why would she do this? I asked as much when I found my voice again.
“It was the only way to right a wrong, the only way your training could be initialized,” she answered.
Riddles never amused me. Give me the facts, straight and true. Talking in circles indicated secrets and lies. I’ve reached my limit of those.
I should have made an exception this time. My imagination could never have crafted a truth of this magnitude. Yes, this was the moment my world as I knew it crumbled. When I closed my eyes, her voice spouting the syllables was all I heard.
“It had to be someone connected to you. Gregory was the only way. He’s the man your mother loved.”


Thank you for reading this entry of Echo’s Journal. Comments and ideas are always welcome. Where do you see the story going?

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