Echo’s Journal Entry #5

29 Oct

If this is your first time reading Echo’s Journal, please read the previous entries so you understand what’s happening in the story. I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment or suggestion when you’re finished. Thanks for stopping by and reading.



Journal Entry #5

I was anxious to start learning from Sarah. I also longed to spend more time closer to Gregory. But there was one huge problem, Aaron. He was directed by Rowan to keep me under constant watch. Aaron had the utmost respect and loyalty for my father. He’d follow any diktat without question.

Aaron’s constant hovering quickly became annoying. To make it more uncomfortable, he decided it was time to begin his campaign to become my consort.

Consort is a term reserved for royalty, which we were. My father was the doyen, the leader of our kind. He was the most respected, and feared. It was unusual for a man In his position to take a journey of such uncertainty as we were on, but he told stories of boredom with his lot.

“A leader must be willing to make sacrifices and show bravery to face the unknown. Otherwise, who will follow?”

The consort called for my father’s approval of the partnership and nothing more. If I objected, it was of no consequence. Here’s where my father’s indifference was advantageous. Although he approved of Aaron’s intentions, he never pushed the issue, much to Aaron’s dismay.

It’s not that Aaron was undesirable. His blonde hair and strong features turned many women’s heads. I wasn’t one of them. The blood in my veins didn’t warm when he was near. My palms didn’t ache to touch his skin. Each thought in my mind didn’t center on him every waking second of the day. Gregory did that to me.

With Gregory’s presence, Aaron’s pleas to my father became more urgent. It was difficult to hide my reactions to Gregory. If my father decided to push the consort with Aaron, I wouldn’t have a choice. My mission became to hide all emotions and attempt to convince Aaron his suspicions of my feelings were unfounded. That was not an easy task. I forced myself to endure hours of staying close to him. Those were very long days.

Sarah and Gregory no longer stayed close to our camp in the day time. The frequent battles of the war provided ample opportunities for his training. I wished to be with them, learning how to break out from the confinement of my lack of knowledge. My opportunity came sooner than I imagined it would.

Something was happening in our camp. Aaron became secretive, not that he shared much with me when it came to matters with Rowan. He was spending more time in private with my father and less time watching over me. At the time I didn’t care why, another mistake I suppose. I finally had the chance to join Sarah and Gregory and learn how to hunt.

When the three of us were together, the bond between Gregory and Sarah was evident. Staying under control of my urges was a constant struggle. His reaction to me made it easier. Distaste for my presence was evident each time we were together. There was no warmth in his eyes when he glared at me, and he continuously glared. He stood as far from me as possible, always remaining at Sarah’s side. He spoke few words in front of me, yet constantly whispered in her ear.

As time passed, my feelings for him shifted. When I questioned Sarah about his actions and my emotions towards him, she said it was a normal part of the process. He was adjusting to his transmutation. She was there when he woke and she helped him understand what was happening to him.

“There’s a natural bond with the first one you see upon waking, nothing more. He feels protective of me because of it. Trust of others doesn’t come easily for someone new to this life. He will warm to you with time,” she explained.

As far as my issues, I was finally acclimating to the part of me that wasn’t human. She said it was difficult because my coterie waited so long to expose me to this side of our lives. It could also have something to do with my human teenage hormones.

“Teenage girl emotions are unpredictable at best,” she said. “There’s no reason for any concern. It’s completely normal.”

My blind trust in her knowledge and friendship made the explanations plausible. I never questioned anything she said. That would come back to bite me in a big way, pun intended!



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